Friday, August 15, 2014

Terrific Textures

©Michele Emerson-Roberts 2014

Texture is everywhere; heavily woven fabrics for home décor, embossed wallpaper and leather, woven baskets, and Anaglyptic tiles and bark cloth boxes are just the tip of the iceberg! How would you like to easily add some textures to your paper projects? Handmade paper embosses so easily! The embossing folders and plates available today include simple to elegant designs and are so easy to use. Follow along to create this quick and simple “thank you” card. Note - I like to create many sheets of paper at a time and emboss them with different folders to have on hand for later projects. If you don’t have access to embossing folder/plates try using the net bags that many vegetables and fruit come in. Great designs, and they are free!

  • Any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits
  • A sunny window
  • Blender
  • Cello sponges and soft towels
  • Personal paper cutter, scissors
  • Scor-Pal™
  • Beacon ZipDry™ Adhesive, or double sided tape, foam tape or foam dots
  • Scraps of white and burgundy paper (think junk mail, etc.) or precut and folded burgundy card stock
  • Embossing folder with swirls
  • Spellbinders Grand Calibur™ Machine
  • ColorBox™ Burgundy Chalk Ink pad and Stylus™ handle with white foam tips
  • “Thank You” stamp (or your choice of other message)
  • 18” ½” sheer Burgundy ribbon


  1. Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits to create one sheet of white heavy weight paper and one sheet of heavy weight burgundy paper.
  2. When the sheets of paper are dry cut the burgundy paper to 81/2” x 5 ½”.
  3. Score at 4 ¼”.
  4. Fold in half to create a card. Save the scrap.
  5. Cut one pieces of the white handmade paper to 5 ½” x 8 ½”. 
  6. Rough tear the 5 ½” edge at approx. 3”.  
  7. Rough tear a second piece at approx. 3 ½”.
    Note - save the scrap to stamp the words on--and for other projects.
  8. Place the 5 ½ x 3” paper inside the embossing folder and run it through the Grand Calibur™, then remove the paper from the folder.
  9. To bring out the texture and design of the embossing, use the ColorBox™ Stylus™ handle with the white foam tip to lightly apply the burgundy ink to the embossed paper.
  10. Attach the 3 ½” piece of white paper to the front of the folded burgundy card with ZipDry™ adhesive.
  11. Tie the burgundy ribbon in a bow around the embossed piece of paper, then slide the bow to the left side.
  12. Line up the paper with the top of the card and attach the paper to the card front with ZipDry™ adhesive.
  13. Cut a piece of the white handmade paper large enough for the verbiage, then rough tear the bottom edge.
  14. Stamp the verbiage.
  15. Cut a piece of the burgundy paper a little bit longer than the white paper and attach it to the back of the stamped paper.
  16. Rough tear the bottom edge of the burgundy paper.
  17. Attach the verbiage with foam tape or dots to the right side of the card.

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