Friday, October 21, 2016

Gift Journals

© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

These purchased small blank journals are perfect for just about everyone on your gift list. The journals are small and fit into a purse or jacket pocket. They are easy to customize either with the recipients initials or different themes. My “guys” (husband, step son, son-in-law and grandson) are all turkey hunters and fishermen, so I had fun creating the journals for them to keep track of where and when they saw turkey tracks or when the “big” fish got away. I also like to add a small calendar inside the front cover.  Remembering Arnolds “Rs” - I will be using cereal box type chip board for all of the die cuts. 

I’ll be back to making or casting paper next week…


·       3 ¾ x 6 ¾” brown journals
·       Scraps of tan chip board (I used cereal boxes) to die cut
·       Dies: CheeryLynn™ #B599 Tom the Turkey, #B245 “Dream Big”, #B645 Fishing set, #B439 Old Barn Board/Gone Fishin’, and #B245 "Dream Big"
·       Beacon ZipDryTM adhesive
·       ColorBox™ water bases ink pads, brown & olive green tones, Stylus™ handle & tip
·       Tonic StudiosTM    #804N Mother of Pearl Nuvo Mousse


1.     Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits to create off-white slurry and create several sheets of medium weight handmade paper.
2.     Repeat this step creating light weight cream colored handmade paper.
3.     Repeat the process creating medium weight light green paper. 
4.     Allow the sheets of papers to dry.
5.     Iron to make them smooth.
6.     Cut the off-white background paper 4 ½ x 6”.
7.     Mist the background piece with water and apply the blue, peach and green inks to the damp paper, creating a soft colored background.
8.     When the paper is dry, stamp “The moment you accept yourself is the moment you become beautiful” on the left side of the background paper.
9.     Die cut one fairy from the scrap of off white cardstock.
10.  Die cut lots of leaves from the light green paper.
11.  Die cut lots of bitty blossoms from the cream handmade paper.
12.  Follow the instructions to create the roses.
13.  Attach the background paper to the card front (slightly to the left.)
14.  Attach the elegant fairy to the lower right of the background with tiny pieces of foam tape.
15.  Attach the leaves and roses to the top and right side of the card above the fairy.
Mail in a small box or padded envelope.

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