Friday, August 26, 2016

Live the Life

© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

I love creating these inspirational mixed media pieces. They go together so quickly and are always a huge hit when I give them to a friend who needs some cheering up. I create several at a time, varying the colors and subject a bit. Sheets of thin handmade paper are a must for the base layer. Remember to always make extra to have on hand.


·       Amazing™ Mold Putty
·       Any of the Arnold Grummer® paper making kits
·       Blender, cello sponges and soft towels
·       A sunny window
·       Scraps of white/off white paper (think junk mail, etc.)
·       Scraps of white chip board to die cut (I used white food packaging)
·       Matboard scrap to emboss
·       Wicker embossing folder
·       Tonic Studios™ Nuvo™ Crystal Drops 675N White Seashell
·       Polymer clay: off white/pearl, clay oven
·       Art Nuvo metal jewelry finding
·       Substrate 8 x 10” box insert from an acrylic frame (or make your own)
·       Iron, old credit card (to apply the adhesive)
·       Die: Tonic Studios™ #1049 Simply Screens Moroccan Mosaic, #26 Live the Life
·       Tonic Studios™ Tangerine die cutting and embossing machine
·       Beacon ZipDryTM  and QuickGrip™ adhesive, double sided foam tape
·       Antiquing  ink pads: blue, rust and light brown
·       ColorBox™ Stylus™  Handle and tips


1.     Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits to create white slurry and create one or more sheets of the thin handmade paper.
2.     Allow the paper to dry.
3.     Iron the paper to make it smooth.
4.     Apply ZipDry™ adhesive to the substrate with the old credit card or other type of spreader.
5.     Carefully smooth out the handmade paper, covering the top and sides of the box.
6.     Allow the adhesive to dry.
7.     Place the piece of matboard inside the embossing folder, run through the machine to emboss the wicker design. (If you lightly mist the matboard with water it will have a deeper embossed design.)
8.     Die cut the Moroccan Mosaics “stencils” from food packaging.
9.     Use the Stylus™ and tip to apply various ink colors through the stencil around the edges and top of the box, and the embossed matboard piece adding interest to the surface.
10.  Use the Amazing Mold Putty™ to create a mold of the Art Nuvo face jewelry finding.
11.  When the mold is dry create and bake the polymer clay face.
12.  Die cut the verbiage “Live the Life……” several times from the white food packaging.
13.  Layer and glue the verbiage.
14.  Attach the embossed matboard to the left side front of the box with double sided foam tape.
15.  Attach the Clay face to the center of the matboard.
16.  Add the Seashell Crystal Drop “beads” to the matboard corners.
17.  Attach the layered verbiage to the middle right of the box with ZipDry™ adhesive
18.  Place the finished art piece on a small easel for display.

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