Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tis The Season for the Sniffles

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Michele Emerson-Roberts
Tis the Season for the Sniffles

DIY projects using Tonic Studios dies are simple to create and yield stunning results for any occasion. Michele Emerson-Roberts created this giftable DIY project perfect for teachers or to keep for yourself. After all it “Tis the Season for Sniffles”!
“Winter chills and sniffles go hand in hand. I love decorating for the holidays and this will be perfect sitting on an end table, mantel, or bathroom countertop or wherever you might need some tissues.
I will be making these tissue box surrounds for all of the holidays……already planned are Valentines’, Easter, Independence day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. With all the wonderful TONIC® dies to choose from DIY projects like this one are easy to create. And there is a die for every occasion making this project very versatile.
  1. Score the clear plastic strip 4 times every 5 1/2”. (You will have an overlap piece left over….trim it to 1”.) 
  2. Burnish the score lines. 
  3. Glue the overlap with TONIC® Craft Tacky Glue. 
  4. Set the surround aside to dry.
  5. Die cut and emboss four each “ ’Tis the Season”, the small flourish die and the outside square “wreath” die from Kraft colored cardstock.
  6. Apply the Tonic ®Craft glue to one piece of the die cut wreath. 
  7. Center the wreath and attach it to one side of the surround. 
  8. Center and attach the sentiment inside the wreath. *Repeat this step for all four sides of the surround.
  9. Attach the small flourishes to the top of the white cardstock tissue box.
  10. Place the tissue box inside the surround.

Paper/Cardstock: The Paper Cut™ Kraft #709 Adhesives: Tonic Craft Tacky Glue 

Other: Clear flexible plastic strip 5 ½ x 25” strip White square tissue box (I made mine from white card stock)

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